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Several years ago when I set up this website it was my avowed intention that it should be a  "free to use resource". Unfortunately, in the intervening years, and as a pensioner, I am no longer able to sustain the  rapid increase in costs for maintaining and enlarging the site without your help. Indeed I may be forced to shut it down altogether in the very near future.  I know it is a big ask in the current economic climate but to avoid this fate could I invite you to make a donation of between £1.99 and £20 (or any amount you wish to give) to help me keep the site open and complete the task. If so please use this link to take you to the subscription page: 

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Hello & Welcome to

Welcome to Garden Railway Manual - The Destination for All Your Gardening Railway Needs

This website is an interactive guide to constructing a large-scale model railway or railroad in the great outdoors.

Interested in large scale model railways and perhaps thinking of building your own layout in the garden? 
Welcome to what is claimed to be the world's fastest growing model railroading hobby.

This easy-to-use website
is designed to ease you through all the stages of achieving your ambition. 

Having difficulty finding information and guidance on how to build a garden railway? 


Not sure which gauge to choose or theme to represent? 


Where is the best place to source your equipment? 


What should I use for ballast?


What is the maximum grade that my locomotive can negotiate?


There is a lot of information out there, especially on the internet, but much of the best advice can sometimes prove hard to find.


This interactive modular guide is designed to explain everything in simple terms and identify sources of expert knowledge which you may not have come across.

Please try it - it's free to use - and let us have your feedback so that we can continue to improve the content.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: It has come to may attention  that a number of "gremlins" have infiltrated my website causing unreadable white text on a white backround and incorrect links between menu and pages. I am working as fast as I can to correct these  annoying features but as a "one-man band" it is bound to take some time to resolve. Apologies to all for the frustration and convenience you may have suffered.

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