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KM1 German Passenger Einheits-Abteilwage
Module 17J: KM1, Marklin & Other Brands of Passenger Cars

 Please read the introduction in Module 17 if you have not already done so.

There are a number of other suppliers oF large-scale passenger cars that deserve wider recognition mention so this is a final "wrap-up" segment to give greater visibility to these producers.

If you are a discerning modeller of European railways in search of perfection, and you have deep pockets, you need probably look no further than KM1 Modellbau based in Germany. This small firm produce  precision miniature masterpieces of locomotives and rolling stock in a number of scales in limited production batches so you may need to look to specialist suppliers of brass model trains to find exactly what you are looking for.


Indeed KM-1 have been credited as being chiefly responsible for a resurgence of 1:32 Scale (Spur 1) model railway modelling in Germany in the last few years especially for their mix of craftsmanship and technological innovation. This quality does not come cheap (passenger cars cost around £1000 each).


The company released 6 different versions of these cars together with a 5-piece trainset based on 202801 - 202805 but with different coach numbers - all including lighting. Product 202806 was also a Rheingold Van with a different company number:

From time to time KM1 also manufacture a selection of other cars which may or may not be available at the time depending on the company's production schedule. It is also worth contacting their specialist authorised retailers such as Reynauld's or Euro Rail Hobbies  to see what might be available. Here a just a few of the passenger coaches produced over the years;

These extravideos, courtesy of Youtube uploaders, gives you a far better idea as to how these fine-scale cars look in practice and when lit and pulled by the appropriate locomotive. the attention to detail is pretty amazing. The final viedo covers locomotives but I could not resist including it here:

logos Marklin.PNG

Marklin Passenger Cars (Gauge 1 or Spur 1) 

Now, which other large-scale Passenger Car producers deserve a mention in this round-up? To my chagrin I find that I have omitted to include Marklin (Maerklin or Märklin) who are still a major force in Spur 1 even though their major thrust is in the narrow gauge market covered by their subsidiary LGB. As might be expected the majority of their Gauge 1 passenger coaches are based on European outline practice especially that of the DR (Deutsches Reich) prior to 1945 and DB (Deutsche Bahn) from 1949 onwards.

There are currently about ten or so stockists in the UK and many are unlikely to stock the full range (especially Gauge 1 which is still something of a niche product) but will probably be prepared toorder for you if you can wait. The best approach is to first consult the current Marklin On-Line Catalogue which can be downloaded from their Online Shop (along with previous issues) by clicking on this button link:



Then visit the Passenger pages by selecting English as your language and then Products - Gauge 1 - Wagons - Passenger cars (or Sets) to establish current availability.


You will often find the term MHI and wonder what it stands for. Apparently this indicates a "Marklin Dealer Initiative" which means that the model or models are Limited One Time Series and not necessarily to be repeated. I assume the practice is for Marklin to secure "firm orders" from designated retailers before committing to a production run. The dealers take the risk of having a red-hot in demand item that attracts a rush of interest or conversely a product that could languish on the shelves for a long time before being sold off at a discount. You are unlikely to get a discount off the RRP in such circumstance. The "Limited Run" tag does not necessarily mean that a popular item will not reappear at some stage in the future at Marklin's discretion but it will probably appear in a slightly different guise or numbering scheme to preserve the potential cachet and value of the original model.


Also see if you can purchase a particular model locally - retailers are far more likely to have older items in stock and if they don't will almost certainly be prepared to order it for you.  If you still fail to locate the particular product you are interested in type the details in your browser search field and see what pops up. eBay and Amazon (and possibly a main dealer such as Reynaulds)  is likely to feature predominantly but someone, somewhere could well have it for sale (such as member of the G Scale Society or G Scale Junction. You might also care to revisit Module 14  concerning where to source your large-scale items.


DB Logo.png
Detsche Reischbahn logo.png

Just a little reminder on Marklin Eras:


ERA 1 till 1920

ERA 2 till 1945 (Deutsche Reichsbahn)

ERA 3 till 1970

ERA 4 till 1985

ERA 5 1985 till present. 


MHI =  Marklin Dealer Initiative + Limited One Time Series

The Marklin catalogue, in common with other European Model Train Manufacturers list "Passenger Cars" un "Wagons" which may seem a little idiosyncratic but there again, we British often have to complain about the "cattle wagon" travelling conditions many of us have to put up with on our aging system.


The latest online 2020 Catalogue (click button for a quick link)   

only lists 14 coaches as "available or newly announced

additions". Unfortunately the link to "all products" is not working at the moment - possibly because there are simply too many to list but the Marklin Product Archive Database lists a total 0f 85 passenger cars  produced in Gauge 1 since 2000/2001.

Express Train Passenger Car 58024

Express Train Passenger Car 58053

Passenger Car 58083

Type Av4üm-62 "Rheingold 1962" Compartment Car 58086

Type Av4üm-62 "Rheingold 1962" Compartment Car 58087

Type Av4üm-62 "Rheingold 1962" Compartment Car 58095

Type AP4üm-62 "Rheingold 1962" Open Seating Car 58096

Type WR4üm-62 "Rheingold 1962" Dining Car 58097

"Silberling" Commuter Cab Control Car 58342

"Silberlinge" / "Silver Coins" Commuter Car 58347

"Silberling" Commuter Cab Control Car 58434

"Silberling" Commuter Car, 2nd Class 58435

"Silberling" Commuter Car, 2nd Class 58436

"Silberling" Commuter Car, 1st/2nd Class 58437

This gallery shows the short-wheel base (2 axles + 4 wheels) produced in that period:

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