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This is the Gallery which I have reserved for my own enjoyment and hopefully yours as well. This is where I keep all my favourite videos from around the world, either because they demonstrate amazing layouts or just because I feel that they epitomise what many modellers are hoping to achieve and if you aim high this is what can be accomplished.

First up is a video I have only recently come across from Pilentum TV (please check out their other videos on YouTube) featuring a model railway masterpiece which depicts a deceptively real old tramway in France. The scale, gauge and location is not that important (its actually 1:64 scale narrow gauge constructed indoors in an area measuring 300cm x 180cm.)


You can just relax and listen to the music as you view and appreciate the many hours of work that has gone into its creation.

The next layout could not be more different. My favourite railroad is the Denver & Rio Grande Western so I am alwayscaptivated by those large-scale layouts that seek to reproduce the look and feel of this historic line (now only preserved in the form of heritage lines). This layout, The Sundance Central Railroad  is another inside line but built to 1:20.3 fine scale and incorporates an amazing amount of detail.


 The Sundance is actually a modular'travelling' railroad comprising forty modules which can be transported and assembled into a layout 45' x 45'. It began life in January 2004 when a group of seven model enthusiasts got together with the aim of creating a more realistic and fully scenic layout to provide the public with a realistic look at model railroading in a large-scale format.


The railroad consists of 400 feet of hand laid code 250 aluminum rails that are hand spiked with individual tie plates onto wood ties with a total of 16 turn-outs. The modules are highly detailed from the scratch built supporting structures and buildings down to the surrounding scenery. The trains and rolling stock that will be running on these modules are also be highly detailed and weathered.

I believe that the results have fully met, indeed significantly exceeded, their design brief and they are to be heartedly commended for their dedication. The level of realism is astonishing and must earn them the accolade of having the best and most detailed large-scale railroad layout in the world.

Another impressive representation of a Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad is the "Colorado & Western Railroad" - another indoor multi-level fine scale layout in fine scale G / Gn3 constructed by Barry Bogs. Hopefully that has satisfied my predilection for all things D&RGW but you never know.

So far I have only highlighted indoor layouts but there are far more large-scale outdoor layouts in existence worldwide and the next video documents Ray Turners extensive  "Mystic Mountain Garden Railroad" located in the hills overlooking Silicon Valley with San Jose, California as a colourful backdrop.The line has been extended to approx. 1200 feet of track and is built for operations rather than scenic accuracy


Look out for the helix and the cast concrete mountains which are highly effective. Probably not a layout for your initial foray into large scale model railroading - the investment in concrete blocks for the roadbed alone is likely to stretch your budget!

The next video features a number of garden railroads participating in the  "11th Annual Model Railroad Home Tour" and  belonging to the Color County Railroad Club in St. George, UTAH, USA. Lots of inspiration here. I promise to cover UK and European layouts next.

Well, perhaps just one more. I must include this awesome "garden railroad" which Dennis Cipcich's has created in his attractive garden.

As promised I will now switch my attention to garden railways on this side of the pond. We may not enjoy the acres of space afforded to our North American cousins but that just means we can pack as much railway activity into a much smaller area. First up is the quintessential UK Blagdon & Butcombe Light Railway featuring a fleet of LGB locomotives and cars.

This layout in Germany also caught my eye. The layout blends very easily into the scene. It covers an area of about 500 square metres and includes 300 metres (1000 feet) of track.

Another fairly recent posting by DGS features a number of garden layouts visited in June 08 / June 09 2019:

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