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So, you are interested in large-scale model railways or railroads and perhaps thinking of building your own layout in the garden? Welcome to what is claimed to be the world's fastest growing model railroading hobby.

To paraphrase Jerome K. Jerome “there is absolutely nothing half so much worth doing as simply messing about with garden trains.”

According to an article in The Guardian (UK publication) there has recently been a significant growth in the popularity of outdoor model railways or railroads after a period of decline. They suggest that  people are building model railway layouts al fresco in order  to create a more impressive and interesting outdoor space that can show their garden to best effect by linking through small water features , flower beds and more detailed structures than is possible indoors . 


This guide is aimed primarily at newcomers to the hobby and will attempt to answer many of the questions you may have regarding this enjoyable pastime in an informative and constructive way. 

Whilst comprehensive it cannot hope to cover all aspects of the hobby in depth but should provide the basics to get you started and useful sources of information for more detailed research.

old Man on Train.jpg
Child enjoying Garden Trains .jpg
girl watching model train.jpg

Remember, You don't have to be mad to play trains .... but it helps if you are a little loco!

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